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Drum lessons and drum circles.

Come and gather with us for an evocative and energizing way to experience the power of rhythm.

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Drum for Life offers a range of classes and lessons for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students.

The emphasis is on:

  • Enjoying the process and connecting to the place inside you that makes music feel so good.

  • Learning basic technique on the djembe (bass, tone and slap)

  • Developing groove, control & listening skills

  • Learning to work together to create simple (and great sounding) rhythms

  • Developing an appreciation of traditional West African music

  • Learning concepts for creating your own rhythms

  • Developing an understanding of rhythm through musical concepts and the all-important pulse.

Drum For Your Life’s classes are like soul food. You get a variety of traditional and technical rhythms to nourish your mind, body and heart, all packaged in a delicious, fun class that will be over before you realise it’s started.
— Sarasa Mohammadi

Beginners Classes:

Designed to get you on the rhythmic path, connect you to the power of the pulse and prove to you that, contrary to popular belief, you do have rhythm inside you. Rarely do beginners have the chance to be involved in a truly musical experience but this is your chance. Supported by a whole group of drummers, the strength of the rhythms will leave you smiling for days. 

Manly Class Mondays

Beginners to intermediate

Time: 7pm - 8:30pm

Venue: Manly Village Public School

Address: 6 Darley Rd, Manly. 

Enrol here: 

By Telephone

Enrol over the phone with your Mastercard or Visa credit card, between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.Our phone number is 9970 1000. You will speak to one of our helpful customer service staff who will assist you.




Ben’s classes are always fun and a great challenge. He really takes the time to cater to everyone’s different needs in the class and is extremely patient. I always leave on such a high with rhythm’s flowing through my body!
— Lisa Taylor

Bellevue Hill Class Tuesdays

All levels

Time: 6pm - 7:30pm

Venue: 49 Bulkara Rd, Bellevue Hill.

$20 per class, drum hire included.


“A great pleasurable challenging drumming experience. If you miss one of these nights you feel like you have missed out on something special.”
— Peter Hacker

Drum For You Life student performance @ Camelot, as part of Senegalese independence day, 2014.

These students have just completed an 8 week drumming course and the results speak for themselves. 


This week in class: